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Three ideas for how to find a buddy or discussion group:

1. Invite a few friends to take a class with you.
Who would you most like to spend more time with? What friends do you wish you saw more frequently?  What acquaintances do you wish you had a way to get to know better?

2. Have us assign you a virtual buddy to talk with on phone or by email weekly.  If you’d like us to give you a randomly assigned Raising Happiness Buddy, email us now.

3. Create a local Raising Happiness Class group on Facebook to connect with other class participants in your area.

If you decide to start you own Raising Happiness discussion group, YAY YOU! Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • If you want to go beyond inviting your own friends, consider putting something in your kids’ school or your church newsletter.  (Sample text for that is here.)
  • Decide WHEN and WHERE you will meet.  Will you rotate homes each time you meet?  Meet on the last Tuesday of each month?  Etc.
  • Who will LEAD THE DISCUSSION?  We provide you with discussion guides to make this easy. The leader should be responsible for arriving a little early, welcoming newer and shyer members, making introductions, etc.
  • What will you do to make it FUN?  Maybe you always meet to go for a hike with your buddy or group, meet in a fun coffee shop, or take turns bringing wine and appetizers.  What’s fun for you?  Build that into your group.
  • Don’t forget to fill out this form so that we can make a donation to the non-profit organization that your group designates.  We give 10% of tuition costs back to the organization of your choice. (NOTE: The deadline for donations form is two weeks after the first day of class)

Don’t let the idea of finding a buddy or a group overwhelm you.  This class is all about happiness, and we’re here to help you along the way!