Christine Carter, Ph.D., is the author of best-selling books The Sweet Spot: How to Achieve More by Doing Less (2017) and Raising Happiness (2011). A sought-after keynote speaker and coach, Dr. Carter writes an award-winning blog, Brave Over Perfect. She is a sociologist and Senior Fellow at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, where she draws on scientific research to help people lead their most meaningful, joyful, and authentic lives. 
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Why Hire a Coach?

Coaching is a fantastic way to change your life quickly. If you find that you...

       • Aren't enjoying the life that you've worked so hard to create
       • Feel "stuck" in a less-than-ideal life or work situation
       • Need help working less, or unplugging from your devices
       • Feel busy and overwhelmed a lot of the time
       • Aren't fulfilling your potential, or doing what you love
       • Need help with a significant behavior change, like starting to exercise regularly 

. . . you are probably a great candidate for coaching!
About Dr. Christine Carter
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“When you are living in your sweet spot you feel both calm and energetic, accomplished and joyful, strong and at ease. Dr. Christine Carter [will help you find] the simple and sustainable path toward this precious and happy balance.”
- Deepak Chopra, New York Times Best-Selling Author


“Carter gives actionable ways to balance your life, your health, and your career." 
- Inc. Magazine 


Who is Individual Coaching for?
I help a diverse array of clients succeed at work and at home.
       • Executives, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders
       • Teachers and school administrators
       • Doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators
       • Millennials and more recent college graduates
       • People who need help putting Raising Happiness & The Sweet Spot into action
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I help people lead their most fulfilling, creative, joyful, and productive lives.


“Funny, intimately honest, and so practical — Dr. Carter pulls pure gold out of studies on the brain and happiness.”
- Rick Hanson, Ph.D., author of Buddha’s Brain and Hardwiring Happiness

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In my experience as a life coach and a sociologist, busy women tend to struggle with similar challenges. 

We get overwhelmed. We have trouble saying no. We take care of others before we take care of ourselves. We question our careers, our parenting, our marriages, and our priorities. We check our phones constantly (and eat and drink wine and stay busy and otherwise numb our feelings). And then we feel like we aren’t good enough.


Brave Over Perfect Coaching

Because you are not alone.

But we know what we want.

We want to be seen by people who “get” us. We want to do meaningful work. We want amazing relationships with our spouses, our friends, and our children. We want the peace that comes with acceptance and self-compassion and self-care. We want to enjoy the small moments. We want to focus on what’s important. Most of all, we want to enjoy this life that we’ve worked so hard to create. 

We want all this even though life is hectic and uncertain, even though we are not always (or ever) in control.

I have great news, friends: Everything we want is within reach. 

Life coaching—done rightworks.

I’ve seen coaching massively change people’s lives in a very short period of time. I am trained as both a coach and, importantly, I have a PhD in sociology. This means that all of my coaching tools are evidence- and research-based.


But isn’t coaching expensive? And time-consuming? And difficult? And isn’t your waitlist like 50 people deep?

Yes and no. Here’s the thing: There is absolutely no reason that coaching has to be 1-on-1 to be effective. 


It’s so much easier to see what other people need to fix—and to give them advicethan it is to address our own blind spots. From there, it’s a much shorter leap to taking our own advice. 

Here's the best part:

Brave Over Perfect Coaching is only $20 for three group coaching calls per month + an online community of like-minded people + a ton of online resources. (!! For reference, my individual coachingwithout the community and additional resourcesstarts at $250/hour.) Calls occur every other month (September, November, January, March, May, and July), to give you a chance to integrate what you’ve learned before jumping into coaching again.

Fall is here. 

Let it be more than just hectic this year. 

Let it be productive, joyful, and fulfilling.