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Real Simple
“How to Raise a Positive Thinker”

It’s not just about a sunny disposition. Positive thinking helps kids weather life’s storms. Happily, the experts are here to brighten your child’s outlook.
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Scouting Magazine
“Expert advice on how to unleash your child’s imagination”

Every child is wired to be creative. Dr. Christine Carter provides strategies to help children unleash their natural creativity.
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Richmond Times Dispatch
“Life Notes: Raising happy children”

A recent survey of moms from around the world asked them to choose one of three wishes for their children’s lives: wealth, success or happiness.
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Deseret News
“Study: Marital conflict affects kids; not all conflict has negative effects”

Not all marital conflict is bad, experts say. While destructive conflict between parents has long-lasting, negative effects on children, if handled constructively, children cultivate a sense of security and view conflict in a positive light, according to a new study published in the Journal of Child Development.
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USA Today
“Post-grad woes turn old homes new again”

The challenges for today’s college grads returning home.
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Spirituality & Health
“Just Say Yes”

“Your brain operates in a really different way when you perceive resistance or are resisting. When you’re positive or expecting a yes, your field of vision is actually larger.” – Dr. Christine Carter
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S.F. Chronicle
“Jessica Aguirre’s ‘Class Action’: look at schools”

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The Huffington Post
“Say Good Bye to Stress for Good”

“Recounting stressful events actually makes us — and our bodies — stressed.”
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The Chicago Tribune
“Young and American, but not necessarily happy”

“More than 40 percent of U.S. youth said they don’t consider themselves happy,” says Dr. Christine Carter.
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The Washington Post
“What’s so Bad About American Parents, Anyway?”

“What we need parenting to be for is not achievement first, then happiness — but happiness first” – Dr. Christine Carter
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The Mother Company
“Can You Say ‘I Love You’ Too Often?”

How necessary is saying the phrase, if our actions are consistent and loving?
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Bay Area Parent Magazine
“Parental Temper Tantrums”

Why yelling at your kids doesn’t work, and how to stop.
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Good Housekeeping
“When Bad Friends Happen to Good Kids”

“Kids count on their parents to have high standards for their friendships.” – Dr. Christine Carter
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The Charlotte Observer
“Teach Children the Joy of Giving All Year”

“All year long, there are plenty of ways to nurture your child’s giving heart – just for the joy of it. Look around, see the needs of others and help your family fill them.
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SF Chronicle
“Greater Good Science Center’s key to happy holidays”

Anyone can get through the toughest holiday times with not just a smile on his face, but real warmth in his heart.
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The Huffington Post
“Chinese Mothers Controversy: Why Amy Chua Is Wrong About Parenting”

The media is abuzz about Amy Chua’s book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. Chua argues that “Chinese” mothers “are superior” because they demand absolute perfection and won’t refrain from berating, threatening, and even starving their kids until they’re satisfied.
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The Charlotte Observer
“Teaching children empathy”

To teach children to be more empathetic and less self-absorbed, keep the giving spirit of the holidays going all year.

San Diego Parent
“Choosing Gratitude for our Children this Thanksgiving”

“The day-in, day-out job of parenting is far from romantic. But if you’ve ever watched a toddler chase a butterfly or been asked, ‘Will I need my clothes in heaven?’ then you also know happiness can wash over you in little moments here and there.”
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“Raising Children Who Practice Happiness”

“The most important factor in raising happy children is for parents to be happy.” – Dr. Christine Carter
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The Mother Company
“Battling Entitlement”

“The way to counter entitlement is by teaching kids how to express their gratitude.” – Dr. Christine Carter
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Whole Living
“How to Spend Your Time the Way You Want To”

“Managing our time is this generation’s biggest challenge. Busyness can’t be equated with importance or meaning, and it certainly can’t be conflated with happiness. The sooner we recognize that the happier we’ll be.” – Dr. Christine Carter
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Women’s Health
“How to Be Brave And Unmask Your Inner Hero”

Researchers are learning why some people act bravely in emergencies and others stand by and watch. Here’s how to be sure you’re in the cape-wearing camp.
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“4 Health Perks of a Pet”

“WARNING: Your kids could use this information against you. But getting a pet has upsides that may cancel out vet bills and muddy paws, says Christine Carter, Ph.D., a sociologist and the author of Raising Happiness.”
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Houston Chronicle
“In the face of danger, would you be a hero?”

When danger finds us, we have three choices: We can freeze. We can run. Or we can fight.
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Lamorinda Weekly
“The Science of Happiness”

At the University of California, Berkeley, happiness is such an important topic, there’s an entire department devoted to studying it: the Greater Good Science Center.
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The Seattle Times
“It’s a good time to feel better”

Smile and you’ll make the world a better place. Really, researchers find that happy people are more successful and effective people and that we can learn how to be happy.
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LA Times
“Family changes affect holiday get-togethers: How to cope”

If you can be flexible and adapt, the family bonds can grow even stronger.
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Carolina Parent
“The Secret to Happiness: It’s No Secret”

Smile and the world smiles back at you, the saying goes, and now a growing body of research supports the theory that positive attitudes and behaviors not only improve your sense of satisfaction with the world, but also have concrete and measurable effects on your health and well-being.
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“Learning Joy”

scene Christine Carter on what it takes for kids—and their parents—to get happy, and why we should.
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San Francisco Chronicle Magazine
“Cultivating Happiness: Will positive psychology and gratitude intervention teach our kids how to be happy?”

magThree good things, possibly more, happened to 6-year-old Fiona McLaughlin one fall day, and at dinner that night she took a deep breath and recounted them.
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