Susie Rinehart

Susie is an award-winning writer, champion ultrarunner, mother, and brainstem tumor survivor. She began writing her blog from her hospital bed and is now an inspiration for those facing adversity. She writes about how she had to abandon the safe harbor of perfectionism to risk living her best life. For 23 years, she has traveled the world as a professional guide and teacher. Now her journeys are inward as she lets go of worry and fear to author a radically compassionate, abundant life.

Susie’s forthcoming memoir, Brave over Perfect, is a powerful meditation on how to face adversity and the unknown. Susie’s Blog is full of real-life stories to inspire you to overcome any obstacle and live a meaningful, joyful life. She teaches how to dive into discomfort, face adversity with radical acceptance, and embrace the unknown with courage.

In 2017, Susie partnered with Christine Carter, PhD., a sociologist, author, and Senior Fellow at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. Together, they created Brave over Perfect Collectively, they have over 48 years of experience coaching people to live their best lives through the art of story and the science of happiness. 


Some Blog Posts


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College Reunion Anxiety & What I Learned by Going

June 13, 2018

Why was I so nervous? I hadn’t been a terrible person or horrible student in college. But I couldn’t shake the worry about returning to my small college in New England for our twenty-fifth-year reunion. Maybe the doubt came from shouldering all the insecurities of my twenty-year old self PLUS… Read more

Susie Rinehart

One Realistic Goal for 2018

December 22, 2017

I’m going to spend the year with Mary Oliver’s poetry. What can her words teach me about how to live? They remind me to slow down and look. Notice the hawk, but also the cold stones, and winter’s weeds. I believe attention is a form of prayer. So does Mary… Read more

Susie Rinehart
30 days of facing the unknown

30 Days of Facing the Unknown

October 10, 2017

I post these entries as a form of thank you; your words have nourished me. May mine give you back some of that love. In my life, I choose expression over rumination and worry. These 30 days mark a significant time for which I am grateful: before and after the… Read more

Susie Rinehart

Plan? What Plan?

September 1, 2017

I have been having a tough time trusting in the unknown. A vacation broke me of that fear. This is the story of how our recent trip to Mexico had no plan. Normally, Kurt and I work full time and the only difference between summer and not summer is the… Read more

Susie Rinehart
Mama and me

The mother I wanted; the mother I got

August 17, 2017

When I was younger, I wanted a mother who was sweet and nurturing, who baked cookies, and who welcomed my friends with cheerful holiday decorations. What I got was a mother who raised us well, but without softness, and who baked so rarely that she kept a heavy chair in… Read more

Susie Rinehart

Feeling Edgy, Full of Rage

June 24, 2017

Recently, I woke up full of rage and I had no idea what to do with it. I angry-cleaned the coffee grounds out of the sink. (Angry-cleaning. Verb. To make loud, banging noises and grumble bad words under your breath while scrubbing or vacuuming or generally tidying up.) I yelled… Read more

Susie Rinehart

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