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Words of praise for Dr. Christine Carter.



Thank you very much for you regular Happiness Tips emails – they are wonderful! Life can be so busy for us all, and it’s very important for each of us to be grateful and to focus on positive aspects of our life instead of the all too easy negative occurrences.Mark
Sunnyvale, CA

I ‘prescribe’ your book to all of my clients! When parents start Happiness Habits from day one, they are confident that they are creating a family that will be healthy and happy for years to come.Dr. Jessica Michaelson
Mother of two, Oakland, California
Raising Happiness transformed me and my family. It’s the only parenting book that I refer to time after time — and I’m a book worm. The small changes we’ve made have been fabulous (profound) for me and my husband.Caroline
Mother of two, Virgina
I am still hearing positive feedback from moms and dads about ways they are trying to make gratitude a more intentional part of their lives.John Weems
Associate Pastor, Family Ministries, Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church, California
Since giving birth to our first daughter my wife has brought home a trove of books, videos and pamphlets purporting to help me be a better parent. None were worthy of my time nor space on my bookshelf until Christine Carter. She is smart, witty and real. And she knows her stuff. Her tips and practices not only help me be a better parent but a happier person too. And a happier Daddy makes for a happier family. Trust me.Robert
Father of two, Santa Monica, California
My wife and I have been putting your advice into practice, and it is making a difference by giving us confidence and helping our kids.Erik & Natalie
Parents of two, California

Dr. Alex Barzvi in response to Dr. Carters “How to Help Kids Feel Better After They’ve Been Feeling Badly” article:

Fabulous advice that works! Dr. Alex Barzvi
Assistant Professor at the NYU School of Medicine, and Director of Madison Psychology

Hearing Christine Carter speak, and reading her Happiness Tip emails, have changed how I view the world.Jane
Mother of two, California
Wonderful advice from the brilliant Dr. Christine Carter. Love her!Amy McCready
Parenting expert, Founder of Positive Parenting Solutions, Author of ‘If I Have to Tell You One More Time…’, Mom of two, North Carolina
Thanks so much for sharing your parenting tips. Your work has made a positive impact on me and my family in more ways than you can imagine.Louella
Mother of two, Philippines
I love Dr. Christine Carter’s views on parenting. Dr. C.V. Harquail
Leadership and organizational change consultant, blogger of AuPairMom, mother of two, Montclair, New Jersey
Christine knows her stuff — from the latest research and from real life with her children.Debbie
Mother of two, Piedmont, California
Great advice! Love your site and topics! Thanks!UCLA Commons
A unique family experience developed by the professional team at the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behavior, Santa Monica, California
This makes me so HAPPY! Thanks for sharing Gill Connell
Child development and movement expert, author & international speaker

Adam Hammer in response to Dr. Carters “Tuesday Tip: Take a Hike” article:

Easy to forget yet profoundly effective Tuesday Tip.Adam Hammer
Blogger of The Father Guide, father of two, Brisbane, California

Alysia Reiner in response to Dr. Carters “Make Your Task List More Fun!” article:

Loved this article by Dr. Christine Carter!Alysia Reiner
Award-winning actress, producer, humanitarian and outspoken environmentalist, mother of one, divides her time between New York City and Los Angeles

Amy Hood in response to Dr. Carters “Say No to Someone Besides Yourself” article:

Such good, good advice: ‘Happiness Tip: Say No to Someone Besides Yourself’.Amy Hood
Blogger of Kids in the Studio, mother of three, Southern New England

“Mummojo” in response to Dr. Carters “Breathe out. Twice.” article:
Happiness Tip: Breathe out. Twice. Just tried it and it really works!“Mummojo”
Mother and fledgling ‘mumpreneur’, mother of two, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Rose in response to Dr. Carters “Greater Happiness in 5 Minutes a Day” article:
Last night I tried a loving-kindness meditation for the first time with my 6 year old son and he loved it. Thanks so much for your podcasts and tips!Rose
Mother of three boys (6, 4 & 2 years old), Perth, Australia