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Christine Carter

Real Simple
How to Raise a Positive Thinker
It’s not just about a sunny disposition. Positive thinking helps kids weather life’s storms. Happily, the experts are here to brighten your child’s outlook. ⇒ Read More

Scouting Magazine
Expert advice on how to unleash your child’s imagination
Every child is wired to be creative. Dr. Christine Carter provides strategies to help children unleash their natural creativity. ⇒ Read More

Richmond Times Dispatch
Life Notes: Raising happy children
A recent survey of moms from around the world asked them to choose one of three wishes for their children’s lives: wealth, success or happiness. ⇒ Read More

Boulder’s Friends’ School celebrates 25th with gratitude project
The Friends’ School celebrates its 25th with a year-long gratitude project, and Dr. Carter launches the event with a keynote speech. ⇒ Read More

89.3 KPCC, Southern California Public Radio
AirTalk with Larry Mantle
Should children, as part of their development, be left to develop their own sense of intuition when dealing with adults and other people? ⇒ Listen

New York Family
Happiness Expert Dr. Christine Carter On Finding Ways To Make Family Life More Joyful
Is it really possible to teach our families how to be happy? According to certified happiness expert Dr. Christine Carter, happiness is a learned skill and, if practiced properly, it can lead to great success in life. ⇒ Read More

Deseret News
Study: Marital conflict affects kids; not all conflict has negative effects
Not all marital conflict is bad, experts say. While destructive conflict between parents has long-lasting, negative effects on children, if handled constructively, children cultivate a sense of security and view conflict in a positive light, according to a new study published in the Journal of Child Development. ⇒ Read More

Help! My Kid Is a Jerk!
Your kid is great — good sport, lots of good deeds — but he has obnoxious moments. And those moments threaten your sanity. Sometimes he doesn’t listen to you. He won’t take no for an answer. He’s mean to his sister. You start to ask yourself, “Is my kid a jerk?” ⇒ Read

Is it sibling rivalry or bullying?
“I hate you!” “You’re an idiot!” “I wish you were never born!” Parenting expert Christine Carter says some sibling rivalry should be called what it is: bullying. ⇒ Watch

Stop nagging!
Kids don’t do what you ask? Parenting coach Christine Carter offers a nag-free alternative: the h-word. ⇒ Watch

I hate you!
“When somebody says something so hurtful, your response is going to be… ‘I hate you, too,’” says “Raising Happiness” author Christine Carter. But whatever you do, don’t go there, she adds. Take this approach, instead. ⇒ Watch

7 Ways to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues
Learn how to spot changes in your child’s moods to help him feel better after the holidays are over. ⇒ Read More

10 Secrets of Happy Moms
We live in a world where moms are constantly questioning themselves, wondering whether it’s possible to ever be good enough, having to listen to the media telling us it’s unrealistic for us to want to have it all. ⇒ Read More

USA Today
Post-grad woes turn old homes new again
The challenges for today’s college grads returning home. ⇒ Read More

5 Ways to Motivate Kids to Do Chores
Don’t let your kids drag their feet about doing household chores. Instead, inspire them to make the dull routines enjoyable and entertaining. ⇒ Read More

Talk Radio One
Hosted by Steven Spierer
Steve interviews Dr. Christine Carter, author of ‘Raising Happiness: 10 Simple Steps for More Joyful Kids and Happier Parents’. ⇒ Listen

Spirituality & Health
Just Say Yes
Your brain operates in a really different way when you perceive resistance or are resisting. When you’re positive or expecting a yes, your field of vision is actually larger. ⇒ Read More

KQED; California Report
Chasing the Work-Life Balance
According to the Sloan Work and Family Research Network, almost two-thirds of California households with school-aged kids have both parents working outside the home. But striking the balance is an issue all families grapple with. Balancing work and family is a huge subject that takes the proverbial village. ⇒ Listen | Read More

S.F. Chronicle
Jessica Aguirre’s ‘Class Action’: look at schools
Television N News anchor Jessica Aguirre starts show to spotlight system’s issues. ⇒ Read More

Vicky and Jen Radio
Happiness: Live Life Fully
This is a show about how to NOT be an over-achieving, tightly-wound, bossy and stressed perfectionist. Dr. Christine Carter, happiness expert, joins us in a optimistic chat about perspective, healthy lifestyle behaviors, achieving goals and coping with stress. ⇒ Listen

The Faith Middleton Show
With great wit, wisdom, and compassion, Carter covers the day-to-day pressure points of parenting—how best to discipline, get kids to school and activities on time, and get dinner on the table—as well as the more elusive issues of helping children build healthy friendships and develop emotional intelligence. ⇒ Listen

OPB Think Out Loud
All About Gratitude
I’ve heard a lot of people say how grateful they are for their children, but I could never truly appreciate this until our daughter was born. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced, literally beyond my ability to adequately express. And I can hardly believe we get to bring another child into the world — appropriately, right around Thanksgiving day ⇒ Listen

The Huffington Post
Say Good Bye to Stress for Good
Recounting stressful events actually makes us — and our bodies — stressed. ⇒ Read More

KQED, Forum with Michael Krasny
Are Women Becoming Unhappier?
Over recent decades, women have been becoming unhappier while men’s happiness has increased. That’s according to data from the General Social Survey which has tracked Americans’ moods since 1972. What are the possible causes? ⇒ Listen

The Chicago Tribune
Young and American, but not necessarily happy
“More than 40 percent of U.S. youth said they don’t consider themselves happy,” says Dr. Christine Carter. ⇒ Read More

The Washington Post
What’s so Bad About American Parents, Anyway?
“What we need parenting to be for is not achievement first, then happiness — but happiness first” – Dr. Christine Carter ⇒ Read More

Bay Area Parent Magazine
Parental Temper Tantrums
Why yelling at your kids doesn’t work, and how to stop. ⇒ Read More

Good Housekeeping
When Bad Friends Happen to Good Kids
Kids count on their parents to have high standards for their friendships. ⇒ Read More

The Charlotte Observer
Teach Children the Joy of Giving All Year
All year long, there are plenty of ways to nurture your child’s giving heart – just for the joy of it. Look around, see the needs of others and help your family fill them. ⇒ Read More

SF Chronicle
Greater Good Science Center’s key to happy holidays
Anyone can get through the toughest holiday times with not just a smile on his face, but real warmth in his heart. ⇒ Read More

The Huffington Post
Chinese Mothers Controversy: Why Amy Chua Is Wrong About Parenting
The media is abuzz about Amy Chua’s book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. Chua argues that “Chinese” mothers “are superior” because they demand absolute perfection and won’t refrain from berating, threatening, and even starving their kids until they’re satisfied. ⇒ Read More

The Charlotte Observer
Teaching children empathy
To teach children to be more empathetic and less self-absorbed, keep the giving spirit of the holidays going all year.

San Diego Parent
Choosing Gratitude for our Children this Thanksgiving
The day-in, day-out job of parenting is far from romantic. But if you’ve ever watched a toddler chase a butterfly or been asked, ‘Will I need my clothes in heaven?’ then you also know happiness can wash over you in little moments here and there. ⇒ Read More

Raising Children Who Practice Happiness
“The most important factor in raising happy children is for parents to be happy.” – Dr. Christine Carter ⇒ Read More | Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

The Mother Company
Battling Entitlement
The way to counter entitlement is by teaching kids how to express their gratitude. ⇒ Read More

Women’s Health
How to Be Brave And Unmask Your Inner Hero
Researchers are learning why some people act bravely in emergencies and others stand by and watch. Here’s how to be sure you’re in the cape-wearing camp. ⇒ Read More

4 Health Perks of a Pet
WARNING: Your kids could use this information against you. But getting a pet has upsides that may cancel out vet bills and muddy paws, says Christine Carter, Ph.D., a sociologist and the author of Raising Happiness. ⇒ Read More

Houston Chronicle
In the face of danger, would you be a hero?
When danger finds us, we have three choices: We can freeze. We can run. Or we can fight. ⇒ Read More

Lamorinda Weekly
The Science of Happiness
At the University of California, Berkeley, happiness is such an important topic, there’s an entire department devoted to studying it: the Greater Good Science Center. ⇒ Read More

The Seattle Times
It’s a good time to feel better
Smile and you’ll make the world a better place. Really, researchers find that happy people are more successful and effective people and that we can learn how to be happy. ⇒ Read More

LA Times
Family changes affect holiday get-togethers: How to cope
If you can be flexible and adapt, the family bonds can grow even stronger. ⇒ Read More

Carolina Parent
The Secret to Happiness: It’s No Secret
Smile and the world smiles back at you, the saying goes, and now a growing body of research supports the theory that positive attitudes and behaviors not only improve your sense of satisfaction with the world, but also have concrete and measurable effects on your health and well-being. ⇒ Read More

Learning Joy
Christine Carter on what it takes for kids—and their parents—to get happy, and why we should. ⇒ Read More

San Francisco Chronicle Magazine
Cultivating Happiness: Will positive psychology and gratitude intervention teach our kids how to be happy?
Three good things, possibly more, happened to 6-year-old Fiona McLaughlin one fall day, and at dinner that night she took a deep breath and recounted them. ⇒ Read More

9 Strategies for Nurturing Special Siblings
Understanding the challenges and triumphs of siblings of special needs children. ⇒ Read More

Back to School
Tips for Transition from Summer to Fall: Having fun back-to-school traditions and rituals help children look forward to that first day of school. ⇒ Read More

How Gratitude Can Help Your Kids Manage Money
When it comes to teaching kids about money, we often think in terms of earning and saving, but how about giving thanks? Cultivating a sense of gratitude can go a long way toward helping kids be better managers of their finances. ⇒ Read More

Mindset Works
Coping Under Pressure
“When we’re squeezed for time and resources, here’s another thing that gets squeezed: our happiness, and our ability to raise happy children.” – Dr. Christine Carter ⇒ Read More

Spirituality & Health
Just Say Yes
“Your brain operates in a really different way when you perceive resistance or are resisting. When you’re positive or expecting a yes, your field of vision is actually larger.” – Dr. Christine Carter ⇒ Read More

Adventure Dad
4 Trips Every Dad Must Take
“[By taking these trips] You’ll get to know your child in a new way” – Dr. Christine Carter ⇒ Read More

The Mother Company
Can You Say ‘I Love You’ Too Often?
How necessary is saying the phrase, if our actions are consistent and loving? ⇒ Read More

Kaiser Permanente – Center for Total Health Blog
Service and Health: A Q&A with Christine Carter, Ph.D
Taking time to serve a community or individual in need makes us feel good. But is there any correlation between acts of kindness and our health? ⇒ Read More

KQED – State of Health
Work-Life Balance: Tips and Empathy
There’s no question lots of structural work needs to be done, but what changes can you make in your home? Christine Carter, sociologist and author of Raising Happiness, says start by zeroing in on the problem spots and bad routines. ⇒ Read More

9 Reasons to Let Your Kids Lose
Research tells us that losing games is good for children, and helps them develop into empathetic, well-adjusted people. ⇒ Read More

School Family
For Busy Parents: How to Live Life Fully in the New Year
Imagine you’ve just been told that you have less than 6 months to live. What do you need to do?
Who do you need to talk to? Where do you need to visit? How will you spend your remaining time? ⇒ Read More

Berkeley Patch
Making New Year’s Resolutions as a Family
Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center says resolutions can be fun, and productive, for parents and kids. ⇒ Read More

School Family
Gratitude vs. Materialism: Holiday Happiness is Simpler than You Might Think
“Gratitude can stave off the emotional dangers of the December holidays.” – Dr. Christine Carter ⇒ Read More

New Year’s Resolutions: Getting Kids To Follow Through
“Letting kids give input where they can is essential in preserving their autonomy, and the more independent they feel, the more motivated they will be.” – Dr. Christine Carter ⇒ Read More

Parenting Bookmark
The Snowball Effect: When Laziness Can Trump Ambition
Starting small can have very big effects. When we start doing one small thing that takes some willpower, it will have an effect on other things we’d like to change. ⇒ Read More

Modern Mom
Why Kids NEED Happy Parents
Dr. Christine Carter is interviewed on why one of the best thing parents can do for their kids is to be happy. ⇒ Read More

Should You Give Kids Rewards?
While motivating children with incentives of money, toys or even a special activity can be very effective, some experts believe this prevents youngsters from developing their own sense of responsibility. ⇒ Read More

AM New York
“‘Chinese mom’ sparks heated parenting debate
Author Amy Chua, 48, has sparked a firestorm with her memoir Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mother in which she trumpets the superiority of a strict Chinese upbringing that includes no playdates, no TV or computer games, no grades lower than an A and mandatory piano or violin lessons. ⇒ Read More

8 Ways to Help Kids Make New Year’s Resolutions
New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for adults! Here are simple and practical ways to help your growing kids make New Year’s resolutions. ⇒ Read More

LA Times Blog
Her gift to her 90-year-old dad: a trip to the strip club
Creating memories is wonderful, even if some of the people involved end up forgetting the experience by the next day. ⇒ Read More

Eureka! : Books worth your while
Happiness, it turns out, can be learned. At least that’s what science increasingly reveals, and Christine Carter should know. ⇒ Read More

How to keep toddlers (and you) happy over the holidays
This time of year presents the opportunity and challenge of finding fun creative things to do with little ones who may be home from preschool or other childcare during the holidays. What better place to be for the holidays than right here in our wonderful city? ⇒ Read More

UC Berkeley News Center
Teaching kids gratitude instead of entitlement
Drawing from research and personal experience, Christine Carter shares insights on how practicing gratitude, not just at Thanksgiving but year-round, can make for happier families. ⇒ Read More

“Advice for Parents and Grandparents Raising Grandchildren”
Grandparents can help their grandchildren become happier, more responsible adults by utilizing ten positive psychology interventions in their relationships.

How to be a Happy Mama
When I came across Dr. Christine Carter’s pledge for 100,000 Happier Parents by July 1, 2011. I thought, great idea, but what’s that going to do? Just because we sign a pledge to be a happier parent, will we be? ⇒ Read More

Parent Map
Happy Much?
What’s the best way to raise happy kids? Dr. Christine Carter offers 10 simple things parents can do to up their kids’ happy factor in Raising Happiness: 10 Simple Steps for More Joyful Kids and Happier Parents. ⇒ Read More

Passing on the Lessons of Thankfulness
Raising happy kids and being happy parents is not just an art. It’s a science. ⇒ Read More

Parenting Help & Advice For Parents From Positive Psychology
Positive psychology’s research studies into human well-being provide scientifically proven techniques which can be adapted for the needs of new parents. ⇒ Read More

Useful books for successful parenting
Parenting is often called the hardest job in the world. Everyone has their own parenting approach and ideas about how they want to raise their child, but when all else fails, good parenting books can offer ideas, guidance and support to help make the job a little easier. ⇒ Read More

USA Today
Moms make online bonds of parenthood in listservs
It takes a village to raise children, and Sarah Carzoli’s is a big one. It stretches from her home in Crystal Lake, Ill., to Australia, Paris, London, Canada, Israel and Milwaukee. ⇒ Read More

Working Mother
Family Focus- Really Happy Kids
Kids are supposed to be carefree, happy beings, right? So to bring about bliss, we share hugs and kisses, marvel at their talents and offer toys and treats—all good things. ⇒ Read More

Bing Times Online, Stanford University
Learning & the Brain Conference
Discoveries about how brain development affects learning have much to offer teachers. This February, head teacher Kitti Pecka and I were among the many educators, researchers and clinicians attending a conference on this subject in San Francisco. ⇒ Read More

Lifetime Moms
“New Book, Raising Happiness: Are people born to be happy- or raised that way?
From first glance at those pink lines, we strive to give our kids every possible advantage and competitive edge. We take the vitamins, do the pre-natal Yoga, and hang those black and white mobiles over newborn cribs to fire up those little neurons. ⇒ Read More

UC Berkeley News
“Blog on raising happy kids wins national award”
BERKELEY — Christine Carter, director of the Greater Good Parents program at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, has won the Council on Contemporary Families’ 2010 Award for Online Coverage of Family Issues for her Half Full: Science for Raising Happy Kids website.

Berkeley “Happy Kids” blog wins national award
A blog on raising happy kids by Christine Carter, executive director of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center has won the Council on Contemporary Families’ 2010 Award for Online Coverage of Family Issues. ⇒ Read More

Northwest Herald, Everyday Mom Blog
Happy Spring
An afternoon spent outside. Tired, but a good, fresh-air sort of tired at the end of the day. Warm baths. Bedtime stories. And deep sleeps. I thought of this as I read some of the concepts behind the book, “Raising Happiness: 10 Simple Steps for More Joyful Kids and Happier Parents. ⇒ Read More