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Susie RinehartSusie’s writing won her one of the highest prizes from the American Library Association and has been featured in the Huffington Post, The Woman’s Network and other popular blog sites. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Susie has lived in Cameroon, France, and Mexico, researching and writing about inspiring women. A beloved teacher and school leader for over two decades, she returned to her global roots to direct an education organization whose classrooms included the steppes of Mongolia, and the Amazon river. In 2000, she married Kurt, a wildlife biologist, and became the mother of Cole and Hazel. She also became a champion ultrarunner, competing and winning the Masters division of several acclaimed races.

At age 45, when Susie was diagnosed with a Chordoma, an incurable, brainstem tumor, her dreams of traveling the world to end the gender gap in education were put on hold. The idea that she might die young and without a voice made her pick up her pen. Instead of traveling the world, Susie writes about her inward travels to face fear and set herself free. “I had spent too much time in life trying to be good, to get it right, to please others, and to keep pain and struggle at bay. Would we live differently, parent differently, if we let go of control and believed that everything we needed was with us right now?” Her writing grew into a powerful meditation on what it means to face discomfort and the unknown.

After two massive craniotomies, and months of daily, proton-beam radiation therapy, her tumor is now inactive and Susie is thriving. She is a favorite speaker at corporations, fundraisers, schools, and conferences. She is also on the Board of Starfish: Her Infinite Impact –a global organization aimed at maximizing the potential of young women. Susie lives with her husband and two children in Boulder, CO.


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Susie Rinehart is an award-winning writer, champion ultrarunner, a mother, and a brainstem tumor survivor. She began writing her blog from her hospital bed and is now an inspiration for those facing adversity to create a Brave over Perfect life. She writes about how she had to abandon safety to risk living her best life. For 23 years, she traveled the world as a professional guide and teacher. Now her journeys are inward as she lets go of worry and fear to author a radically compassionate, abundant life.

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